Mad City Agility Conference 2021


Rock stars get tired on tours but they always take the stage. Mentally and physically exhausted - they still perform. Change agents are very similar. We keep pushing and challenge our organizations to be better. Are you a boat rocker? Are you a rock star?

Join us as we have agile rock stars take the stage this year for Mad City Agility 2021!

Let’s ROCK the boat!


  • Joe Justice

    SWITCH: How to switch your entire organization to agile

  • Johanna Rothman

    Modern Management: Adapt How You Lead for Agile Success

  • Karin Tenelius

    Breaking the hierarchical dynamics and creating a culture of trust and openness

  • Robin Zander

    Lessons Learned Building a Responsive Café


  • Chad Beier

    Chad started a YouTube channel of Agile and Scrum Parody songs to fulfull his lifelong dream of being an actual rockstar in a rock band. (This is the closest he'll ever get.)

  • Jeff Bubolz

    Jeff is co-host of The Agile Wire Podcast where he routinely interviews the rock star authors and thought leaders in the Agile community and beyond.